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Connecticut Lemon Law

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The Lemon. It’s every car owner’s nightmare. Your dream car spends more time in the repair shop than on the road while you watch the "clock" on your manufacturer’s new car warranty ticking away. Now there’s help. If you own a "lemon" purchased or leased in Connecticut, you may be eligible for the State’s arbitration program.

The "Lemon Law" is a nickname for Connecticut General Statute Chapter 743b, "Automotive Warranties." It establishes arbitration as an informal process for resolving disputes between consumers and automobile manufacturers. The law defines a lemon as a new motor vehicle (passenger car, combination or motorcycle) purchased or leased in Connecticut which does not conform to the manufacturer’s express warranty and which, after “a reasonable number of attempts” cannot be repaired. The Connecticut Lemon Law covers all new passenger, combination passenger/ commercial vehicles and motorcycles purchased or leased in Connecticut:

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